Wednesday, 30 March 2011

which is more popular? purewater or the blackberry (BB) virus

OK, lets talk about disease and viruses, one of the biggest disease  i know is BB. seriously, BB is officially now a flu that has been exposed to the world and i'd actually think it has a liking for the blacks "nigerians" to be presice.

My very good country nigeria, i'd say and obsessive contry and one of the country that has been infected with the 'BB' virus. sometimes i wonder which is more common BB or purewater. i'd actually think BB wins since the person selling pure water owns a BB.

Every day when i head out in the morning i get into the street and the first thing that greets me is a BB. i can see it, i can literally feel and smell it. you know, there is this thing called BRT which is a trasport system in lagos put in place by our very own Babatunde Raji Fashola(BRF)governor of lagos state. anytime i want to get on the BRT i go get a ticket and funny enough the ticketer owns a BB, i step into the BRT and the ticket collector also own a BB likewise the DRIVER!! for petes sakes who dosent have a BB. Apparently me.rite?

Anyways, after i setteled in, here comes this guy and merely looking at him i knew he needed a wardrobe trasformation, the collar of his shirt was whiter than white and is shirt was not white trust me. few minute later is phone rings and then i saw him bring out a BB! i was appalled i almost poked him to tell him "dude! serioully! u own a BB! damn, u need a new wardrobe! " but i dint. because we are talking about lagos here i might get punched in the face.

Do you know that ladies without BB hardly now get boyfriends nowadays. let me tell u the reason. 'men'dont walk up to ladies and say "excuse me miss can i have your number" they rather say "excuse me miss can i have your pin " seriously! wat happens to those that dont own a BB huh? *sighs* pure water has lost popularity, BB virus has taking over

Even people with the strongest immune system and the most effective white blood cells cannot fight against the BB virus once its contracted. people go crazy with chatting, facebook, twitter and any other thing that can be done with the phone. well its called a smartphone, but funny enough only few smart people own it.

symptoms of a BB virus

anytime u see someone in a vehicle head bent, hands slightly in front of the face, smile plastered on the face, u dont need to ask what the problem is just know the person is carrying the BB virus    

anytime you are in a place and everywhere is quite for one reason or another and suddenly you hear someone laugh out loud, dont bother to ask anything just know the person is carrying the BB virus.

anytime you see ladies and you cant find their phone in their bags, they have the BB virus. funny enough they carry theirs in the hand. these are some of the symtoms i have so far i wil update y'all later......  



you are you, what is love?

oh yes, you do know what love is  but sadly u have no idea what it is.
you that girl who help people to find love, you are that girl who help other people's relationships, you are that girl who help settle fight, you are that girl who understand what the problem is in people's relationship and help to rectify it.

you sure know everything there is to know about love but love is that thing that gets u clueless. what is love?

you are she who never even had a boyfriend, lets talk less of a french have questions in your head like.....

what do they mean when they talk about butterflies in their stomach?
surely no kiss can bring that. what do they mean when they talk of heat or passion? surely no touch can bring that.

there are a lot of boys but none u feel anything for, all you have is your imagination which keeps you company and help you get through each day.

what is love? you wonder.....
how do you know?
what do you feel?

this are questions you have going through your head, well sadly i dnt have answers to them, and in due time faith and destiny will answer they question YOU AND LOVE