Sunday, 17 April 2011

fashion nah dis or crazyness

ok wetin i like pass hen? na fashion ooo, ummm but let me na analyse nowadays fashion to una. fashion is one of the oldest things, we dont have to learn fashion cos we are born with it and  a few of us connect with that fashion gene in us, while the fashion sense of some people hen,go tire u so te  u go wonder which gene they connect with, mayb nah crazyness.

the good old days when our mama dey talk fashion nah for dem to wear turtle neck, long sleeves blouses and shirts, high waisted skirts and trouser, wear jacket. dem go do silky curly hair, do jerry curls and all those sorts. ummmmm but has civilisation don they come the length of the dresses dey reduce by one inch so te now 1 yard of cloth reach make one person sow for gown o *but no be people like us o wey we dey try manage 12 yards sef  e no reach*. turtle neck reduce go high v-neck con reduce go v-neck den VVVV neck wey b se the two oranges wey God give person nah for show to anybody wey get interest. that one no even pain me, now people cloth no even dey get neck, long sleve reduce to no sleeve. skirt wey if our mama one sow nah fo dem to dey look for 6yrds of material to sow skirt now half a yard don reach people sow skirt ooo.

you go con see girls after dey don dress finish dey no go fit bend down pick anything, they cannot even breath talkless of walk freely. nah  fashion be that or crazyness. umm the new thing now is brazilian, indian and any other IAN hair ooo. some of them no get money wey dem go carry chop o but so far afgahnistan hair dey for dem head they happy.

na so i go out, i see this girl,. her gown nah exactly under her bum in dey, if she bend smalll nah flash news we go see o, immediately i saw her i don dey laf  cos she was so uncomfortable but nah to do biggss girl make her wear the cloth. 

The next thing now nah hair. if u see the kind of hair people they do now *apart from the afganistan hairs* u go fear. u know there are some hair that if u wake up in the middle of the night and u see u go dey speak in tongues and already dey talk *i bind u now in jesus name!! or o u devil be gone from my presence!* u go wake up  go do testimony for church. the one wey i know now nah galax or galaxy i no sabi wey look like fowl head. there are some wey look like se person go hug trasformer, wey hair go dey up like that of ayamatanga, the kind of hair wey pikin wey dem just born wey no gree cry go see and hin go cry so te three days e no go gree stop.

 i have been talkin about ladies since let me now talk about our guys, even though they take fashion easily and most of them jes go simple, there are some when u see them hen u will actuallyl think u are staring at a sane-mad man. some of them thier trousers go start from there knee *lolllll, ok am actually exaggerating God help us! their hair is somthing else entirely.
Anyways na so lagos don do me o..... fashion is now something else o may GOD see u through this crazyness.....

Sunday, 3 April 2011

By is Grace..................

Everyday we go about our business and  sometimes we forget to acknowledge the person who created us. have we for once stopped, and asked ourselves these questions:

Why am i still alive? is it because i did everything right.
Why do i still have my sight? is it because i looked only at the right things.
Why can i still talk or hear? is it because i say and likewise hear only Godly things.
Why can i still walk? is it because i went only to the right places.

Of course not!, of course we are sinners and we never do anything right, we don't hear,see, say or even smell the right things.
the world we live in is full of  temptation and evil but the only reason we are still alive is by his grace, the only reason we can still see,hear, talk or walk is by the mercy of God and not because we did anything right.

I was in church today and i saw a beautiful woman with two luvly kids, she was there with are husband as well, but there she was in a wheelchair passionely listening to the word of God i looked at my self and thought, am i better than she is? am i more righteous than she? but here i was, sitting down because i felt i was too tired to stand up.then a thought came into my head, God gave me these legs, he is the only reason why i still have them, why cant i use it to serve him. i also thought wont this lovely woman give anything to be on her feet just for a split second. And then i knew am not better or more righteous its just by his grace and nothing more.

By his grace we sleep every night and wake up without any problem
By his grace we go out everyday without encountring any problem
By his grace we can still user all of our body parts
By his grace we are still among the living

So everyday when we wake up we should thank the lord for his goodness to us and to our family because without him we are lost.