Tuesday, 24 May 2011


moonchild.jpg image by XoSexo

She is beautiful like the goddess of the sea, her hair shines like the star up in the sky, her smile lights up the earth, but nobody knew she possesses all this including her because they never stopped for a second to notice the beauty in her forgetting the tattered cloth, the tangled hair or the bruised skin.

She is a maid at the big mansion andt she has loved Magnus right from the first day she set eyes on him. The sight of him brings joy to her heart and smile on her face. Even though she knows he couldn’t love her, each night she prays for him in the privacy of her maid quarters. She cleans his bed chamber every morning when he isnt there but each day was beautiful because she felt like he was always present, she rubs her hand through the fine silk of his sheets, picks it up and brings it to her nose to smell him, she rubs it lightly on her cheeks and smiles. When she is done cleaning she goes to the kitchen to help prepare his meal because she alone knows exactly what he likes, when he likes and how he likes it.
She serves his meal at the big table where he seat with his warriors and then stand at the Corner of the room to watch him eat. She listens to the deep sound of his voice and the melody of his laughs. She loves him so, but he doesn’t see her. Each night she lays in her bed blocking all memories and worries from her mind letting his thought creep into her heart, she remembers the sound of his laughs which were melody to her ears. She goes on her knee and prays for his good health.
She stands at the corner of her room every morning and she can see his magnificent body each time he goes for his rides on his mighty horse. Such power he possesses. Up there in her room she can see him riding back to the mansion, oh how he handles the animal, with such grace and power. Her eyes travel to his arms staring at the flexing of his muscles and sweat trickling down his magnificent chest.
She leans against the window with her back, “oh God what am I going to do with this feeling in my heart” she whispered to herself. She rushed to the mirror and stared at her image, she ran her hand over her torn gown which she mange to keep clean through series of washing; she brushed her hand through her tangled hair and stare at herself with dismay. Then she knew why he couldn't see her, she is not befitting for his status, she was a mere maid who his father employed to tend to his chores. How can he see her when there her so many beautiful woman around him who would do anything to have him, she doesn’t stand a chance and she knew it. So she kept all her love and desire deep inside her in a safe place where it cannot be touched or seen by anybody and tried all she could to avoid seeing him.
One evening, she finished all her chores and she headed to the maid quarters into her room. She stood by her window and she could see the pond at the far end of the garden which they have been warned not to move close to except clean. She went back to bed but the image of the pond wouldn’t leave her memory, then she decided she’d visit the pond when everybody was asleep. At midnight she slipped out of the maid quarters with the hope she wouldn’t get caught and headed for the pond. She took off her cloth and slipped into the water.
At the far end of the garden was he walking and has he approached, he saw her. Under the rays of the moon her skin so beautiful like nothing he had ever seen before, her hair was glittering like gold, so long, ‘who is she’ he thought. His eyes travelled down and rested on her bosom, he could see water traveling down the spine of her back and he followed it with his eyes. He dint know when he started towards her direction but here he was standing in front of her starring into her eyes and thinking what beautiful eyes she has.
Shock and fear gripped her has she saw the huge body standing in front of her, she had been so deep in thought and enjoying the feel of water on her skin that she dint know when this being got to her. She thought of what to do, she looked up and started to say she was sorry but words died in her mouth because she was starring into the seductive eyes of MAGNUS.
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